Friday, May 18, 2018

Why I dislike buying gas in California

Well, yeah, the prices are higher because of state taxes, but I can live with that. Somewhat.

No, what bugs me the most are these nozzle hoods. They’re supposed to keep gas fumes from the atmosphere, but about one time out of three, they just make it hard to get gas into my tank. I have to find just the right magic angle to keep the pump from shutting off. And that means I have to hold the nozzle in place all the time it’s pumping. But sometimes even that won’t work. There have been times the pump shut off every couple of seconds, and I’ve gotten so frustrated that I just settled for quart or so of fuel and driven off to a different gas station.

Maybe I should keep a screwdriver handy so I can loosen the hose clamp and slide the hood from the nozzle. No one would notice, right?


  1. One of my all-time pet peeves about travel. Happens to me all the time. I usually suffer through holding the handle down for at least a few gallons, but I have driven off in a huff many times... and none of them in CA so it is not just their hoods.

  2. Use a nut driver won't slip off as you do your deed... I won't rat on ya..

    1. Or a socket on my cordless drill. Zzzzzzzzzzzrp. Done.