Thursday, May 30, 2019


Heroes go out of their way to help others when there is no benefit for themselves.

Yesterday, The Other Lou drove a thousand miles just so I could get to Los Angeles. From his home in Yucaipa CA to Tucson to Los Angeles and back to Yucaipa. Because he wanted to. Because some guy he had never met needed help.

Yesterday, my friend LaVonne drove from San Diego to Yucaipa to meet up with The Other Lou, then drove the Rolling Steel Tent from Tucson to Los Angeles, and her own van from Yucaipa back to San Diego. Because I needed help.

This is the type of community we full- and part-time nomads have. Some very excellent, caring, generous people who defy normal society’s belief we’re just worthless, lazy, losers.

Again, from the depths of my heart, thank you thank you thank you The Other Lou and LaVonne. You are my heroes.


  1. I don't know The Other Lou but I remember LaVonne being good people. I'm not surprised she would do this for you. You are also good people.

  2. I am not really part of the community, just a wannabe and lurker. But this restores my faith in humanity.

  3. I agree, real life super heroes. Where were the the New Avengers when ya needed them?!!!