Monday, May 20, 2019

What if the worst happens?

“Everybody has a plan until they get hit.”
—Mike Tyson

Full time nomads talk a lot about emergency plans for our live-in vehicles. Do we have a repair or replacement fund for it? Where do we live if our van is in the shop? What if we wreck it?

We don’t talk as much about plans for health emergencies. As my mentor Bob Wells says, it’s one of the things we’re in denial about. Maybe because it’s a scarier topic. Maybe if we don’t talk about it it won’t happen.

Some of us are already dealing with chronic health problems. Many of us are of the age bodies start to break down.

So, what’s the plan?

My plan was to not worry about bad health until I had to. Well, now I need to. I have stage four throat cancer. But luckily (considering the circumstances) a plan came together. I have a place to stay, people to help me. Friends, family, medical professionals and Medicare are making it happen.

But what about you? Will whatever plan you have survive being hit, or will you end up on the canvas? Share your thoughts.


  1. "None of us are getting out of this alive" my college friend was fond of quoting his mentor.
    For myself I believe
    No Jesus
    No peace
    Know Jesus
    Know peace
    For those who don't subscribe to my point of view, I don't have enough faith to believe otherwise.

  2. Glad you got a backup plan with friends to help you. I, as a 100% introvert loner do not, but not worried as much about myself as I am my dog, working on this as of now. Peace and best wishes!

  3. I'm glad your community is providing the support you need.

    We bought into a Continuing Care Retirement Community. It was very expensive to do. But they promised to care for us the rest of our lives even if there's another economic downturn like the one in 2008 so that we loose much of our savings. We live in an apartment now but the nursing home is under the same roof just down the hall and around the corner so that's the furthest we will ever have to move.

  4. I'm a disabled vet, the VA will bury me eventually. As Clint Eastwood said in one of his later movies, we all got it coming kid.
    A little bit of life is better than no life at all, not unlike art, the impression lasts beyond our consciousness. As will the dialogue behind the rolling steel tent.

  5. I ask people quite often what their ell plans are. I have helped two people cross over while on the road. People please share your important info with someone

  6. I subscribed to EXIT International. Their newsletter offers several options for checking out. I'm a wuss. I'd throw in the towel if I were in your shoes. I carry my bottle of nitrogen and the regulator. I'm not sure how "easy" it'll be, but it's touted as better than a gun and certainly a lot less messy for the cleanup crew.

    I'm rootin' for yuh, though.