Thursday, May 30, 2019

Real food

Eating becomes a chore when you have a big tumor at the base of your tongue. Swallowing is painful (which is what led to the discovery of the tumor in the first place).

You can’t smell much when you have a tracheostomy (medical speak for a hole in your throat) since it sort of takes your nose out of the loop.

And when you add the general undesirability of hospital food—especially soft varieties—it’s no wonder one of my problems has been undernourishment.

That changed when Ceebs cooked up some of her farm fresh eggs. She keeps about a dozen chickens in her back yard. In the middle of one of the largest cities. She pampers them and feeds them wonderful things. In return they produce truly amazing eggs.

I haven’t eaten so enthusiastically in months.


  1. Great nutrition that goes down easy!
    Just this morning I was recalling having my former mother-in-law making me a soft boiled egg when I could not keep food down during the morning sickness stage. That egg gave me the same kind of feeling of being a real meal at last.

  2. It's nice that eggs are real nourishment--after all each one contains a whole chicken. :)

  3. Al, Did you have any suspicions about your illness before the doctor's confirmation? Were there any other signs that were dismissed as something else? Did anyone else in your family tree have the same illness?

    Your sharing of your experience is helpful and quite informative. Thanks for being brave enough to let us know and narrating your health journey as we all root for Team Al!

    From your recommended reading list, I am reading Holy Sh*t. Wow! She really delves deep in to the research. So much I never knew ...and now I wish I didn't. How time have changed. (or have they?)

    Not being an egg person, I would try hers. I bet they taste like a warm hug.

    Maple Valley Gal

    1. I was certain it was just a persistent infection—until they sent me for a CT scan. My mother had uterine cancer but no blood relative has had any cancer. After the diagnosis various medical people were surprised I had never been a smoker, because that's usually what causes this.

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  5. I wonder if the Hutterites eggs in Montana are as tasty as Ceebs; I have no plans to raise my own yardbirds however the Hutterites sell their goods at the local farmers market. Enterprising people they are.