Monday, May 20, 2019

What if the worst thing happens and you need a ride?

Okay, so here’s the thing. I need to get my van and myself from Tucson to Los Angeles next Monday, the 27th. That’s where I’ll be staying during radiation and chemotherapy.

Everyone says I shouldn’t drive myself, though I tend to disagree. To satisfy cautious folks I’m looking for two people, one to drive the Rolling Steel Tent and the other to drive me. About 500 miles and 8 hours, all down I-10.

In case you’re wondering, the Rolling Steel Tent has only a driver seat and bed, so the trip can’t really be made with just a driver and I in the van. At least not legally. And I freak out if I can’t see the road. And the RST driver would need a way back to Tucson.

I would pay for gas and, if needed, lodging.

If this is the type of insane-but-humanitarian road trip you’d like to make, email me at or text me at 980-939-2037.

I am unable to speak at this time because of a tube in my throat. That means I wouldn’t be a chatty road companion, which is either good or bad, depending on the type pf person your are. And I’ll probably be coughing a lot of mucus. Squeamish people beware.

UPDATE: A couple of people in the nomad community stepped up and worked out a plan. I have my drivers. Another problem dealt with.


  1. Last Saturday I drove my boy's rented 15 foot U-haul 9 hours back home so he could begin his journey on the next chapter in his life. I bring this up because People will answer your call for assistance in the next chapter of RST.

  2. Your to late for my help Al, I'm back in L.A., for a week now. I was around Silver city then went to Nevada. Good luck with a ride Al.

  3. I am so glad that someone stepped up.
    I would help if there was an opportunity- you have helped me and so many others over the years.
    Hugs and love Al. From both me and Ozzie