Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Not being able to speak the past few days is obviously inconvenient, what with needing to write everything out. (Hey, people, can you keep things down to yes-no questions?)

But what I really miss is the ability to deliver snappy comebacks. That’s an essential part of my character, my basic self. My wisecracks might not be funny, but they’re good for my state of mind. Sitting there, watching an opportunity float away, is …sad. How am I supposed to be an upbeat cancer patient under the circumstances?

And there’s the perception that uncommunicative people are depressed. They keep asking if I’m alright. They’d know I was if I could deliver a few groan-inducing remarks with just the right timing and tone of voice.

Maybe my lowbrow cracks will be elevated to high comedy when delivered with a speaking valve.


  1. Use your drawing and writing talents to capture these moments in a comic strip. Then post them for all your followers to get a chuckle.

  2. There are a few new emojis that might help, including the finger. Bwahaha! Yes? No? Maybe? 😘

  3. Does that hospital gown come in Desert camo? Or maybe ocean Camo? Did you get any yummy Jello, lime or otherwise? Can they put a latte in the drip line?

    I will only 'hear' your 'voice' through this blog. Selfishly, I hope to 'hear' you for long time to come. I really look forward to catching up with your adventures and witticisms and your view of the world as you see it. Whenever.

    Good to know that you could use your lappity-toppity in your room. A few computer games would be nicely distracting, I might think. But what would be really fun is a DRONE!!!

    Healing thoughts.

    Maple Valley Gal