Saturday, February 13, 2021

Adventures in dollar store foods: jerk chicken pasties

Is that krust golden enough for ya?

I rarely see Jamaican packaged foods in this part of the country. Or anywhere else, actually. So imagine my surprise, delight and skepticism when I saw these among the Dollar Tree frozen foods, way down at the very bottom. I haven’t had jerk chicken since a roadside stand in Negril about twenty years ago. It was delicious. Could I say the same for this offering from Golden Krust (more about this company)? What the hell, it’s only a buck.

You’re supposed to nuke these. I don’t have a microwave, so I improvised. Flame set to almost off, covered with a pot lid (not to be confused with a lid of pot, though that would’ve made it extra Jamaican). The “golden” crust got scorched, but a little carbon now and then is good for you. It filters out toxins, or something.

I’ll take their word that’s chicken

And the taste? Yeah, pretty good. Not as wonderful as my memory of that chicken in Jamaica, but certainly a dollar’s worth of flavor. And way better than Hot Pockets.


  1. I appreciate getting all the taste testing information you pass along.

    1. Coming out of throat cancer treatment I didn't know if I'd ever taste anything again. It's good to be back to normal. At least I think it's normal.

  2. Shows your age ... lid of pot. Far out. Hmmm... knowing that also shows MY age.

  3. Never been a fan of microwaves...since my cousin cooked a wiener in 5 seconds in 1974...his Ol' man was an electrician... and I think that had something to do about him having cutting-edge technology...early adopter...come to think about it he had AC in his car before my dad ; his brother in law.