Monday, February 22, 2021

Upcoming: Adventures in Adventure Food

On impulse, I ducked into a sporting goods store with the idea of checking out their day packs. I have one, but it’s a little large. The selection was small, unless I wanted camo. The store caters more to hunters and anglers than to hikers. But I saw a stuff sack that would be good for my weighted blanket.

The next aisle over I discovered the freeze-dried meals. I had never tried any. So, sure, why not? I’ll be reporting my impressions over the next few days. It won’t be a scientifically sound apples to apples (or chili mac to chili mac) comparison. I wanted variety. That means the question will be whether they’re decent versions of what they claim to be. I love pad thai, so that will be the biggest taste challenge. The likelihood of disappointment is high.


  1. The many freeze dried meals I have eaten in my long ago past were all adequate especially after ten hours on a bike in the mountains and canyons of west Texas.

    The others I ate as our rations in Viet Nam as combat infantry. They were also decent when you are very hungry.

  2. When we first went RVing full time these were what we ate since we had very limited carrying capacity in that first rig. We quickly learned we preferred Mountain House for a main course but Backpacker's Pantry for desert. We'd make one of each and split them between the two of us. Now, on occasion, I eat one of the main dishes by myself which means no room for desert. My favorite is MH beef stroganoff with noodles and it tastes good even at home in our apartment.