Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Tiny house on a big street

I saw this structure rolling down 4th Avenue in Yuma this morning. It’s neither your typical travel trailer nor typical tiny house. 

Most tiny house builders tend toward variations on the Victorian cottage. A few go for the Mid-century Modern look. This one is sort of a blend of the two. A New England salt box with a Modernist inverted roof.

Thanks to the URL painted on the rear, I learned Little Blue on the Move is owned by Katie and Paul.

Over 5 years ago Paul and I had to re-imagine our future when we realized building a family was not in the cards for us. We realized what was most important to us was to get to travel, enjoy life on our own terms and be debt free. We decided to go tiny! Over the period of 5 years we talked over plans and designs, bought a trailer and built our dream. We moved into our home on June 1st. Our goal is to travel the U.S. for a year. We hope that you enjoy sharing our journey with us.

I also learned the tiny house is for sale. They want something smaller. Would you like to move up to something bigger? 

1 comment:

  1. Interesting roofline, I wonder why they did it that way.

    If I could only stand to tow, I'd be interested in it...