Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Let there be light

I was wandering through the 99¢ Only Store when this light caught my attention. Two bucks ninety-nine, choice of several colors, a loop to hang it if you want, takes three AA batteries (not included), simple push button operation, and has three levels of brightness. Yeah, why not?

Low, medium and high

It’s not bright enough for reading, but it’s more than bright enough to keep from fumbling around in the dark.


  1. That looks like a very useful light to me. I have a left over flashlight from my tent camping days that uses an exposed LED unit to give "navigation" aid to middle of the night adventures called potty breaks, but I like yours much better.

  2. Score!

    How have your original lights held up? The ones above the couch/bed/chair; push on, right?

    1. I passed those along to someone else. The one I kept is still working fine. That reminds me, I need to recharge its batteries today.