Friday, February 5, 2021

Another adventure with salmon

Today’s new-to-me food is from a large supermarket. And it costs about six times as much as the dollar store salmon filet I had Sunday. But, hey, it’s for the advancement of gustatory research and all that.

I had heard of salmon jerky but it never seemed appetizing enough to try. I knew dried fish had been a staple for much of human existence, but there must have been a reason it became less popular once other options became available. (Hurray for refrigeration!) I imagine Epic Provisions had done some market research and learned salmon jerky wasn’t as tempting as salmon bites. Hey, it tempted me.

I opened the package and, well, it smelled like fish. In a good way. And the first taste was sort of… neutral. It wasn’t offensive but it wasn’t delicious. As I chewed (it requires some serious chewing, like most jerky) the flavor moved up a little on the positive end of the scale. Okay. I tried another piece. And another. I had soon eaten half the package. Whoa, I guess I liked the stuff. Or I was hungrier than I thought.


  1. Which aisle was it found? Snacks? Seafood dept.? I'd try it.

  2. Just don't go chewing on your newly inserted crown or you'll be agonizing again in the dentist chair...!

  3. Hmm. Next time I cook salmon, I'll have to try using coconut oil.