Thursday, February 25, 2021

Whiney the Poo and the Blustery Day

Perfect, gorgeous weather yesterday. 

Until sunset. 

Then howling, moaning, blow-you-on-your-ass wind started. And kept up all night. And continues this morning. 

I didn’t sleep well. (Did I sleep at all?) 

Even though the Rolling Steel Tent was pointed pretty much into the wind (the direction kept shifting) the van bounced, swayed and shook me awake.

It’s not horrible being cooped up in the van. Just boring. But I need to hit the highway later. The stretch of I-10 through Indio and Palm Springs and over San Gorgonio Pass is notoriously windy under “normal” conditions. That’s why they put hundreds of wind generators there. It’ll me, um, challenging today.

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  1. Ugly and unnecessary...How goes the recall California!