Monday, February 8, 2021

Random fan

I was leaving the laundromat as another vandwelling boomer guy entered. “Hey,” he said, “I like your videos.”

I hadn’t been expecting him (or anyone else) to talk to me, so I intelligently, suavely replied, “Huh?”

“We’ve never met, but I watch your short YouTube videos. I enjoy them.”

Now that I knew he was talking to me, and that he wasn't someone I was supposed to recognize, I dialed up my social graces to eleven and answered, “Uh, oh... thanks.”

It wasn’t until I was down the street that I started wondering how he knew who I was. Or had he thought I was someone else? Oh well, a little break in the routine.


  1. Of course he knew who you are; he watches your videos. Do you think you are invisible in them? :)

    1. I'm not masked up in the videos like I was at the laundromat.