Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Winter afternoon routine

1. Reposition the Rolling Steel Tent so the tilted solar panel faces west

2. Replenish beverages, if necessary, so the fridge has time to cool them before sunset, thus avoiding overtaxing the batteries

3. Charge up the laptop and hotspot so they have enough power to last until I call it a day around, oh, midnight.

Sometimes I forget to do these things, like when I get lost in an afternoon nap (see previous post) and don’t wake up until evening. Oops.


  1. In bed at 7 up at 430am for now no naps......

  2. Is it cold enough overnight there to 'pre-chill' said drinks outside?

  3. My solar panels did not tilt so I didn't reposition--just stayed facing south to get maximum exposure since that put my fan shroud and A/C on the north end, I put a new beverage in the fridge every morning when I took one out then drank the rest of my fluid for the day at room temperature, but remembering to plug everything in to charge first thing in the morning bit me every now and then.