Sunday, February 21, 2021

Everything happens for a reason

I’ve been making my YouTube videos primarily for my own satisfaction. I knew I was never going to have a big audience or make any money at it because I don’t do things the YouTube way. Nonetheless, I have a couple hundred followers.

Then, the past two weeks, I’ve gained a new subscriber each day. Kind of lame by YouTube standards but exceptional for me. 

So I checked to see which videos were getting the most new traffic. Ah-ha. There was my answer. The two most popular videos are of Jessica Bruder, author of Nomadland, and Swankie, who became a supporting actor in the movie inspired by the book. Looks like Hollywood buzz has rubbed off on me. 

UPDATE: 3 March — The number of subscribers has doubled since the original post. The views of Swankie's video have quadrupled.


  1. We watched Nomadland tonight but we were already fans of yours. :)

  2. all mega stars start with one view