Friday, May 6, 2016

An interesting day at the beach

I paid my senior-discounted seven bucks and grabbed a spot by the water at Lone Rock Beach, Lake Powell. Things were serene until the wind started howling and filling the air with sand. Not fun, but the direction of the wind allowed me to keep the side door open for the view and ventilation.

Then a group arrived with their rented kayaks and guide. Hmmmm, I thought. The wind is going to be a problem. But into the water they went. Hey, woo, this paddling stuff is easy downwind! They were soon out of sight.

About an hour and a half later, two patrol boats rushed by with their lights flashing. People on the shore had their binoculars out, pointing downwind. Ah, our intrepid foolish kayakers. Soon there was a helicopter.

Meanwhile, on another part of the beach, rangers and EMTs appeared. Someone was having a medical emergency.

Then, farther down the beach, more rangers were dealing with some kind of bad behavior problem. They had two guys sitting on the ground, handcuffed.

The kayakers and guide were finally brought to shore. They were having a heated discussion, probably about how the guide should know better than to take them out in wind like that and how they wanted a refund and how he wasn't going to give one.

But the guide and his dissatisfied customers eventually left, the medical emergency was handled, the two bozos were hauled away and things quieted down. Including the wind. The night was peaceful and uneventful.


  1. LOL...We ALL need some excitement at some point in our life & you have gotten yours !!

  2. And then there's the guy who was swimming near Lone Rock on Thursday went under the surface and never came back up. There's a recovery effort going on for that as well.

    1. That would explain the diver boat working out there Friday.