Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Do the stroll

I was on the shuttle in Zion National Park. Many of my fellow passengers were decked out for a day of serious hiking. When the shuttle stopped, zoom, they were out the door, hustling to the trail with purpose and urgency.

Me? I stepped off, paused, looked around. The cliffs and peaks, the play of light, the contrast of bright green cottonwood leaves against orange stone and blue sky... I breathed the cool morning air, noting the variety of scents. Then I set off, at my own pace, in my own direction. First a visit to Weeping Rock.

Then, rather than heading up the canyon walls, I crossed the road and followed the narrow, unnamed footpath along the river. After all, the river is what made the canyon.

I had decided to keep things simple. I left my fancy camera behind and just used my iPhone.

My walk was peaceful. No crowds, no agenda. Just savor the day.

Then, because the conditions were right, I returned to that cliffside campsite that was too muddy before.


  1. Great post and my thoughts exactly.

  2. Oh my, the last one is pretty scary

  3. O M G, gorgeous pictures...ALL OF THEM !!!!!!!!!

  4. If you always follow the crowd your primary view will be someone else's butt.

    1. Which is would'n be a bad view if the person in front of me were a CHIPPENDALE'S dancer... LOL.

  5. I participate in a travel forum for Utah. Many people who post on the forum ask about how to get away from what has become huge crowds in the park. You proved that it can be done. Weeping Rock trail is beautiful. But let's keep it a secret from the teeming masses. Great pictures.

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