Saturday, May 21, 2016

Nice sombrero, dude

I'm camped today at the foot of the Mexican Hat. It's BLM land and there are several sites along a fairly decent unpaved road. And various desert wildflowers are in bloom.

I wonder why they called the formation and town Mexican Hat instead of Sombrero. Did the settlers not know the word? Or did they know it and refuse to use it? I knew a guy once (who was later convicted of defrauding his clients and was then run over and killed they day before he was supposed to report for prison) who insisted on saying little burro instead of burrito. Because it's 'Murica, dammit, where we speak English while we eat our Mexican food. Hmmm, what's English for karma?

View from the base of the Hat, after the cloud cover broke up


  1. Due to advanced periodontal issues I can no longer do atomic fireballs, root beer barrels or jaw breakers so my candy diet at this time has become Mexican Hats, Dots, and Swedish Fish.