Monday, May 30, 2016

The sun comes up like thunder

I was in a semi-awake state, trying to decide whether to get up or roll over and enjoy a few more days hours minutes of glorious sleep, when, surprise, there was a huge boom of thunder. I got up to check out what was going on and to see whether I needed to close up the Rolling Steel Tent. (The driver side window was half open and the side door was open a few inches for the purpose of ventilation. I love it when the nights are warm enough to do that.) If the thunder hadn't brought me out of my delicious stupor I would have missed this dramatic sky.


  1. Good thing they go back to work and poop.

    1. Que ?< --- esta estuvo buena !! Dije que las fotos eran hermosas.

    2. The "que" was for the work and poop comment.

    3. OHHHH, ok, understood !

      Saludos, adios amigo !