Friday, May 6, 2016

My yearning for water validated

Though I spend a lot of time in the desert or otherwise inland, I'm always eager to get back to the Pacific Coast. Or at least to a lake, river or other body of water. It makes me happy. It soothes me. It makes me want more out of life—like more time by water.

It's not just me. Science is on my side.
Everyone knows that being on the water makes us feel good, but now there's scientific proof: a new study confirms that living near a body of water improves wellbeing, even for city dwellers. The report was published in the journal Health & Place. 
"Increased views of blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress," Michigan State University health geographer Amber L. Pearson said in a press statement.
Current studies show that green space—forests, fields, etc.—don't appear to have the same benefits. Perhaps that's one reason forests usually make me feel closed in, suppressed. Unless, of course, there's a body of water in that forest.

I know some people with no desire to be by the ocean. They much prefer deserts and forests. (Though it might have more to do with crowds that geography.) I'm fine with that. It leaves a little more room for me on the beach.


  1. I agree about the water business... we came from' the water ' we are made of water, 3 days without water & we'll dehydrate & die. Without water there is no life ! Many of us love water, is an ingrained feeling.

  2. Beautiful images, as always, Al. I'm curious if you also enjoy being in or on the water, or more so, just being near it.

    Be well, Keith

    1. I'm a scuba diver. I just don't have the spare money for that anymore.