Thursday, May 26, 2016

Into the woods

The last time I checked in I was in far southeastern Utah, in the land of rocks and dust and wind. Now, here I am almost smack in the middle of New Mexico. That's a bit of driving.

Except for a strip of highway during my southeast Arizona journey, and a quick stand at Four Corners, I haven't been in New Mexico since November of 2014. I missed the place.

So, here I am at Red Canyon Campground near Manzano. I had planned on staying at Manzano Mountains State Park again, but too much of the small campground was reserved. I didn't want to be among a bunch of weekenders. Red Canyon isn't as fancy (no shelters, for example) but it's very nice in that basic old-school Forest Service way. The trick was finding a spot among the trees that would make my solar panel happy for at least part of the day.

Now my fingers are crossed that this campground won't fill up with weekenders who couldn't get into the other place.