Thursday, May 26, 2016

The long and short of it

Up until sometime last year, it seems, one-gallon water and milk jugs came in one universal dimension. I was happy with that. Then someone (I'm guessing Walmart) decided the shape needed to be changed. Taller and narrower so that more could fit on a shelf. A side benefit is that four of them fit more easily into a milk crate.

The down side of the taller-narrower jug (which seems ubiquitous now) is that it's more likely to tip over—as in always tipping over. The water jug powers that be assume people will only be driving from the store to their homes, where the jugs will sit quietly on shelves (taking up slightly less horizontal room, of course). People who drive around all the time with three to six poorly anchored gallons are just freaks.

The jugs eventually wear out or things start growing in them. I end up tossing them. I'm down to the last one of the old style. (My precious.) Unless I can find more of the old style I'll have to submit to the tyranny of the new style. I have space in the Rolling Steel Tent all worked out for the old style jugs. There's no room for a milk crate or something similar to hold my jugs. So I guess it's bungee cord time.

Perhaps there are greater life lessons in this situation. Don't get too attached to the way things are. Don't expect the future to identical to the present. Don't get all worked up over small inconveniences. You know, act like a grownup.


  1. I'm with you in preferring the older style. Seems to waste less space up around the neck area. And not so tippy, plus easier on the wrists.

    My solution has been to get the jugs at Safeway. Their house brand comes in not only the older style jugs, but PLUS they have screw tops. Not those sad little pop-off tops that just can't wait to pop off and allow water to spill everywhere...

    Of course those can't stay the same either. NooOOOOooo. Last time I stocked up (like you, I just refill them on my own until they start to die), I found that the regular water had an improved jug design (of the same basic low shape) that put a sharp seam on the inside of the handle right where you grab it. Hmmph. But their distilled water was still in the better jugs (for the time being anyway). I lavishly bought a full set of six :D

  2. Weird, I haven't seen any of the new taller gallon jugs here. We still have the old ones.

  3. The Poland Springs jugs have been funky too, for a while now. With what they've done to Maine it's easy to skip by that brand.
    Though somewhat more of a pain, i've though about one of those stainless steel filter containers (Berkie maybe?). That would allow the use of tap water which can usually be had for free.

  4. Purely as a research assignment for you (yeah, right) I have confirmed that Walmart still sells the sweet tea (and unsweetened, and I think their orange juice that is in the same cooler area) in the normal, or as you say, old jugs. I had been looking for an excuse to go get a gallon.

  5. I found it difficult to find the standard ones with screw tops too. Good to know about Safeway (thanks anon). I also miss plastic that doesn't collapse when you touch it. Ahhh, the good old days.