Thursday, September 5, 2019

At last!

The tracheostomy tube was removed today. However, the bandage might be a bit of overkill.

More important than getting an annoying piece of plastic out of my throat, though, the doctor was pleased with what he saw when he ran the tiny camera through my nose and into my throat. And I was fascinated.


  1. Ya beat the BIG casino head to Vegas and continue your good fortune!

  2. I can relate; I had a parathyroid-ectomy several years ago with a pressure dressing kinda-sorta like yours. After that came off, there was a distinct swollen area that looked like a little Vienna Sausage sitting atop the sternal notch. It was kinda oddly cute, but none-the-less, I didn't miss it once it resorbed. Once the dressing is off, and you have your Doc's A-Ok, I'd encourage you to Very Gently massage and mobilize the scar itself and surrounding areas to help keep the inevitable scar tissue fibrosis down; especially after all the radiation, etc.
    (BTW, I'm speaking as a mostly retired soft tissue therapist with a specialty in scar tissue and myofascial release). Should be covered by Medicare if you can find a P.T. who actually practices manual therapies. If you can find a skilled practitioner, it can make an enormous difference in your treatment aftermath and
    recovery process.
    Good Luck and Onward!

  3. So happy for you Al. You're an inspiration to my future life. Don't give up. hope to see you on the road some day....