Monday, September 23, 2019


Near Taos, New Mexico, at about 8,000 feet. An extra blanket last night, the heater turned on this morning, and a jacket until 11:00. Such are the signs of the beginning of autumn. Where did my summer go?

Oh. Yeah.

UPDATE: Clouded over, cold wind blowing in, jacket back on at 1:15.


  1. Yup. Got me headed south. Not enough to escape all cold, but at least away from potential snow.

  2. Al, I think you passed us on 64 going up one of the passes between Pagosa springs and taos yesterday. We pulled in behind you at the junction,but when I got out you were just pulling away. We've changed trailers and now have a little larger one. Anyhow glad to see you out and about. We will be at lou's sometime this month. Take care.

    1. I was in my own world, not thinking about friends I might see on the road. I'm glad you're also out and about.

  3. We are in Las Vegas, NM at about 6500' waiting for the weather in the Real Las Vegas to improve. We'll prolly spend the winter there, doing buffets.

  4. It's gonna get warm again, the desert gets nice in is better than sweat.