Friday, September 27, 2019

Ring of fire

Stock butane burner

I like my butane stove. Easy to light, good temperature control. However, the thing the pots and pans sit on (someone give me the proper name for that) doesn’t work well with my tiny one-egg pan. The points are too far apart so the pan can’t sit level.

With the thingamabob added

So I got a filler/reducer thingamabob from Amazon. I had looked at several and thought I had ordered a cast iron one. What I got was stamped steel. Um, okay, my fault. The way it was stamped, though, made its prongs point slightly upward. That meant the pan was trying to sit on top of a pyramid. But I managed to bend the prongs downward to solve that problem. Time to cook.

Happy, stable little pan

Well, whatever the black coating is, it started smoking and fuming. Open the door, turn on the fan, wait for it to quit. Okay, there we go. Everything from there on went just fine. And the bacon & eggs were tasty.


  1. thingamabob...translation from King's English to the Amazoneeze English
    Stainless Steel Gas Ring Reducer Trivet

    I don't know about the one you got but mine had a very thin dark plastic protective film on it that needs to be peeled off the surface before using it :) The film is on the metal to protect it from scratches during the process of pressing the metal in a die to shape and cut it out.