Sunday, September 29, 2019

People, places or things

An odd thing happened when I was finally free to return to the road. You can see it in my blog posts the past couple of weeks. They’re less about the places I went or the scenery I saw and more about the people I met up with.

Damn, I’ve become sociable.

Maybe it’s because Nature, in its disinterested way, hadn’t shown concern for my wellbeing this summer. No mountains wished me luck in my treatment, no bodies of water offered encouragement, no sunsets shared kind thoughts. But people did.

My priority has been to see family and friends. Like a normal person. The landscapes will still be there afterward.

The Other Alan arrived yesterday at Rancho Lou. It was good to see him again. Yay! People!


  1. Three things I loathe waste, evil and insincerity; I've always been gregarious.

  2. Can something exist without being perceived by consciousness? ...George Berkeley

    1. To turn that around: Do things not exist simply because I was never conscious of them?

    2. Yes! My bladder cancer and bone marrow cancer were there long before they were "perceived" by me or anyone else.

  3. Sociable? Nah! Your just better looking after the weight loss.