Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hi from the sky

Skydiving has been on my list ever since I learned there was such a thing. Tandem skydiving put it within reach. And surviving cancer made it a priority. Time to celebrate! Time to thumb my nose at death.

The video I had to watch beforehand, and the liability waiver I had to sign in multiple places, made it clear there was a possibility of disaster. But I figured the guy I was strapped to wanted to survive unhurt just as much as I did.

I was calm as the plane climbed, as my partner gave final instructions. I was going to step out into thin air. I was going to fall at 138 miles per hour. Cool. And if I were to hit the ground at that speed? Shrug. I’ve had a good life.

Flying/falling above Arches and Canyonlands national parks provides great views of some amazing scenery. Much better than some pasture somewhere.

The door opened, I got in position and… Wow! Much more violent than anticipated. But unlike the short mayhem of bungee jumping (which I did back in 1995) there was time to adjust to the sensations and be in the moment. Very cool. Too bad the freefall wasn’t a little longer. That’s a metaphor for life. It can be more violent than expected, but adjust to it, be in the moment, and in the end, wish it was longer.


  1. Good for you! LIVE life. and at the top of my blog is a motto

  2. My big brother at the fraternity did it all the time. He would pack his chute in the living room all the time. It didn't appeal to me then and not today.

  3. Pretty extreme way to avoid paying the bills ... :-P

  4. Wow, you're braver than I am! Pretty cool but it looked scary on a computer screen so I can't imagine how it was in person.

  5. I feel so much joy for you. Not only for surviving but for getting right back out there and living your dreams.

  6. Cool video. I don't think this is something that I'll ever try. I'll have to live the thrill vicariously through you.