Monday, May 4, 2020

Adventures in cheap packaged foods: StarKist Creations Premium Tuna with Rice and Beans

Today we swerve from the canned pork-beef-chicken trail to try some fancied-up tuna. Whole grain rice, black pearl barley, daikon radish seeds, beans, carrots, corn, and hot sauce. Looks promising. Looks healthier.

Tuna never looks good in an envelope

Basically, this is a ready-made tuna salad. As the package says, “Enjoy in lettuce wraps or straight from the pouch.” The idea of room-temperature rice and beans gave me pause. I’ve always had rice and beans warm. But this was an experiment. I decided to try it their way. I didn’t have any lettuce so I just ate it as is.

Not bad. Quite tasty, in fact. Oh, wait… WHOO! It’s very spicy. Hence the flaming BOLD on the package. I like spicy foods, but this stuff was at my threshold of tolerance. My mouth numbed a little and I was able to continue. I like how the spiciness didn’t overpower the other flavors.

Should’ve cleaned my nails before taking this photo

I wondered what it would taste like mixed with mayo, like some other types of tuna salad. That mellowed it a bit. And the bread damped the fire a little more. But yeah, good stuff—if you like tuna. And extreme spiciness. I do. Are the veggies and spices enough to make tuna haters change their mind? Mmmm, who knows?


  1. you really are an adventurer. But I have to admit that I would never be adventurous enough to eat canned tamales because I am much too fond of tamales to have that memory lingering in my mind. Right up there in the nasty category with vienna sausages and canned spinach.

  2. I'm a tuna lover but a bean and spice hater so, "No, thanks."

    Vienna sausage sliced over green beans and heated then a couple eggs stirred in--a recipe a distant family member once invented when eating from what was available in the pantry and fridge. It became a family staple when I was a kid.