Sunday, May 3, 2020

Spring cleaning

I spent part of yesterday cleaning the dust and dirt from the driver’s compartment. Man, the dashboard has a lot of nooks and crannies. Break out the Q-tips.

A lot of stuff I had stuffed in the console and door pockets (like the warranty for tires I no longer had and the registration from three years ago) could be thrown out. And I rearranged the items stored on the passenger floor so it’s neater and simpler.

I saved the area around the rear doors for today. I had been ignoring how dirty it was back there. Months of driving on unpaved roads had left its mark. Dunes were starting to form. When I removed the plastic trim piece from the floor I discovered six-plus years of accumulation.

Screws, washers (no nuts, for some reason), pennies, a piece of zip-tie, pine needles, fuzz, pebbles, and dirt as crusty as adobe.

I’m ashamed for letting it get so dirty, but proud I got it all cleaned up. Not show car clean, but as good as I can get it without gutting the interior and power washing it.


  1. Mein Gott! und Himmel Nochmal!

  2. I met a fellow on the trail used a rechargable Ryobi blow machine, all doors open, got the dust off of everything. A thin layer of not so noticable dirt remained. He was older, didn't see well so it mattered little.