Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Adventures in free meat

This isn’t a food blog, but here I go again.

One of Lou’s neighbors gave him a hunk of elk sausage about the size of one’s forearm. Lou appreciates neighborly gifts but isn’t a fan of wild game, so he asked if I wanted it. Sure. I tried a slice of it today.

I was forewarned by W GREEN CHILE on the label. New Mexicans love their chiles. They offer license plates proclaiming the state is Chile Capital of the World. (Not to be confused with Santiago, the capital of Chile.)

It was very tasty, nothing gamey about it. Then the heat started to build. And build. Not to the point of pain, but pretty much overpowering any other flavors. The elk meat became little more than a medium to deliver chiles. It’s fun, but not something I’d want to make my main source of protein. It’ll take a long time to consume it all. Unless I pass it along. The gift that keeps on giving. And warming.

UPDATE: I experimented dicing some of this up and mixing it with corned beef (see May 9 post) and string cheese. That cut the heat, and the combination was quite good.


  1. That is a score! If you were closer, I would trade you for some less spicy meat.

  2. The best summer sausage I ever had was venison.

  3. Elk is about the best eating I have ever had.

    1. Of deer, moose and elk, it's at the top for me.

  4. Cut some of it into small pieces and put it into spaghetti sauce. Or slice it very thin and put it on pizza instead of the usual pepperoni. It will pair nicely with the tomato sauce.

  5. Grass feed free range meat .Top shelf ,good as it gets you are eating high on the hog !

  6. Saute thin slices in milk, then add to beef flavored Ramin and peanuts.

  7. Of all the stuff you've been trying lately, I'll bet this ranks higher than most.