Tuesday, May 19, 2020

¿Quién es más macho ahora?

I followed Rusty’s tip and ordered some nitrile gloves from MSC Industrial Supply. They arrived today. I got black ones in order to look like a Manly ‘Merican Man® instead of some effete liberal wimp afraid of a little flu bug. The gloves were even packed in a box with a carbon fiber pattern printed on it for Extra Testosterone Fueled Man Power®. And, of course, I got Extra Large to fit my extra manly hands.

What would’ve been really cool, though, are blood red ones like the phlebotomists at UCLA Health wear. Alas, that wasn’t a choice at MSC.


  1. OMG!!!

    Do they sell matching condoms? Dental dams?

  2. Right on. My tiny female hands would be lost in your manly gloves.

  3. The PERFECT attire for Desert Dominion in Tucson.