Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Poking around again

Georgetown Road loops from state road 152 near the Santa Rita Mine, up into the forest, and down to state road 35 at Mimbres NM. About nine miles of sufficiently okay dirt road. I was up there to see what sort of dispersed camping spots I could find. Eh, nothing to get excited about. But there are some nice views.


  1. What are your thoughts about getting your meds in Mexico in the future? What is plan b or c?

    1. I have a stockpile of diabetes meds from Mexico from before cancer treatment. After losing a bunch of weight, I no longer need that medicine. I also don't need the cancer-related drugs anymore. So I'm not taking anything these days. I'm fine with getting meds in Mexico again if the need arises.

    2. That is good news. I thought the border was closed or very limited.

  2. Al,

    The woman in the BLM office in Silver made the Burro Mtns (north of Silver) sound interesting.

    Annnd, just for ducks, you might run over to Duncan and see what's happening. A couple of years back the hotel was offering a work-live opportunity. The town bills itself as an arts town and is a major stop for the German bicyclists who come through on yet another of their esoteric routes from hither to yon.

    For a couple of years three sisters ran a bakery (closed in 2018). The place always has *something* new, but it's also really tiny so don't expect too much. Still, it's like my friend and his Indian motorcycle: he used to go to the Dairy Queen in Ruidoso...just to have an excuse to ride.