Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bare handed

A little over a year ago I bought a box of fifty nitrile gloves to wear while working with greasy things. “Fifty? I’ll never need that many. Don’t they have smaller packages?”

Well, thanks to the virus, I used a lot of those gloves in just the past couple of months. I’m all out. I’ve been trying to get more, but all the stores around this rather small town are out of them. Walmart, pharmacies, auto parts stores, hardware stores…

At Harbor Freight I asked when they expected their next shipment. “It was supposed to be today, but the truck got cancelled. So next Thursday, I guess.”

Lack of disposable gloves at Harbor Freight

Hmmm, what about food service gloves? The closest supplier is in Albuquerque. It costs about $45.00 to have a $3.50 box shipped (which is close to what it would cost in gas to go pick them up myself).

I posted about my glove hunt on Facebook and my friends/family suggested other sources. But one friend (who’s really more of a friend of my former wife, who is still a good friend) messaged me.
I have a bunch of gloves I could mail to you. I got them from Sally’s Beauty supply. If you give an address, I’ll send a bunch to you! Be well.
There are good people out there.

Meanwhile, I’m wearing my fleece gloves whenever I need to go for supplies. Better than nothing, I suppose. I soak them in alcohol afterward.


  1. I finally got mine at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. They had been out for weeks. They are out again.

  2. Do an internet search with these keywords plus the state you are in Food Service Warehouse

  3. Your friend is a better friend than me. I'm keeping our gloves--at least the ones we haven't used yet. We aren't to the point of washing and reusing them. Yet. I suspect our own mask and glove routine will last another two months. Or more. I just read an article that helped me understand our risks as society reopens. it's at in case you'd like to read it as well.

  4. Forget the gloves Blue sky is falling in price and no stores are out of stock!

  5. Replies
    1. I took your advice, but, man, they wouldn't say how fast or slowly they could deliver until I completed the order.