Sunday, May 24, 2020

Minor construction

Sometimes it takes me a while (years) to remedy a small inconvenience. Sometimes it takes me a while to come up with the solution. Sometimes it takes me a while to be in a place where I have the resources to make the fix.

The space under my cabinet has been a catch-all for various things. The jack and associated bits used to be there. Then I built a box for them last autumn and they slumber comfortably under the bed. That made room for my shoes to move in, joining my air compressor, change jar, and tripod. But it was rather jumbled under there, and I was either moving shoes to get the tripod or moving the tripod to get shoes.

So yesterday I got a spare piece of plywood and a couple of 2x4 scraps from Lou and built a shelf. Ta-dah!

Now, what other years-old problem can I deal with next?

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