Monday, May 25, 2020

On hold

I was going to start my summer travels today. In preparation, I checked my online bank statement last night and discovered a $139.09 purchase from Best Buy. Nope. Wasn’t me. I informed the bank and they deactivated my card.

The first person on the bank’s support line had a kind, friendly voice. After taking my information she switched me over to the claims department. The woman there sounded like ex-military. Direct, clipped, all business. It was the type voice that left me thinking, “This shit’s going to get done.”

So now I’m waiting “up to five business days” for the new card to arrive at my billing address, which is my mail forwarder in Quartzsite. Then two or three more days for the card to be sent here.

Oh well.

I had already withdrawn some cash, so I’m good there. The only automatic payment I have set up is with Netflix, but I haven’t watched it in a long time, so this is sort of an easy way to cancel that. I’ll need to enter new payment info for the phone and insurance. No big deal.

This was the first ever case of spurious activity on any of my accounts. That’s forty-something trouble-free years of digital banking. As I keep saying, I’m a lucky guy.

An email came just as I finished writing this post (less than a half hour since talking to the bank):

Yup, the shit is getting done


  1. I have never had that trouble. Does that mean you can use the card again right now?

    1. My current card is no longer valid. They can issue a temporary card at one of the branches, but because of the pandemic I'd need to make an appointment first. I got a temporary card a few years ago when the regular card started to crack around the chip. The temporary card worked fine, except when I tried to use it at a hotel they wouldn't accept it because it didn't have my name on it. Like I said, I have cash right now, and I don't spend much when I'm not traveling, so I'll just wait for the new one.

    2. Thank you. I have never been in that situation and appreciate the education. June 9 I have to reup or roll so I am watching your experiences on the road carefully to see if I think I would be ok to roll into NM.

  2. Will be interesting to find out details they send you in that letter. Where was that Best Buy or was it on line? Why only that much and only that store? How was your account compromised?

    Hopefully, that is the extent of the issue.

  3. I once noticed someone in Singapore had made a purchase on my credit card. Got very excited. Called the credit union. Waved my arms around (figuratively).

    They were very calm. Happens all the time, just a cost of doing business. Never told me anything about how, why or who. Just told me where to pick up the new card.

  4. I got ripped some years ago on my debit. It was a purchase over the phone. They knew right away where it was run.Sent me a new card.

  5. There's an online service that I've used for 9 or 10 years now. It's called Mint. You register all your accounts, bank and credit cards and then you can go to one place to see activity on all your registered accounts. You even see "pending' transactions before they are formally posted to your accounts. I can't begin to describe all the nefarious activity that I've spotted almost as it happened by using this. It's a lazy man's way of keeping track that all that's happening with my money