Wednesday, May 20, 2020

New room

I helped Lou start his greenhouse. End walls will be built, a solar powered vent fan installed, weed cloth and gravel laid for a floor, and plastic stretched over the frame.


  1. good for keeping the rabbits out of the veg!

  2. Mimbres spring time, beautiful!

  3. What are the plans in there? Is his microclimate able to do winter growing, too? Would it have a season that is too hot? What is aprox. altitude?

    I've wanted to build a solar evaporating water distiller; has Lou ever brought that up in conversation?

    1. I think he's planning on spring through fall. He's at more than 5,000 feet and it gets cold in winter. He has a well and the only alternative he has mentioned is collecting some rain runoff from his roof.