Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A truck’s new career

Ever since Lou sold his custom-built travel trailer his pickup has became a hauler of building materials and other large things. 

The other day we removed the bed cap. The truck looks completely different. The black bed cap, with its wooden rack on top, made the generic white F-150 easy to pick out in a crowded parking lot. Now it’s almost invisible, like a white cargo van at RTR.

Today we got some gravel. The front-end loader dumped it in the bed, just like a commercial demonstrating the truck’s strength. Built Ford Tough! Yeah, man. 

The load was probably heavier than the engineers intended and the springs compressed to the bump stops. We cracked lame low rider jokes while driving very slowly, hazard lights flashing.

“You are here for an auspicious moment,” said Lou. “Today is the day this officially becomes a ranch truck.” A few moments later he told me about finding a source for organic manure. Oh yeah, this is a ranch truck now.


  1. I had a ranch truck; best POS I ever had the pleasure to work it!

  2. Next thing you know he'll be blaring country hits on the radio.

  3. OMG!! I am SOOOO glad I no longer have "stuff" to do.