Friday, June 19, 2020

All flash, no bang

There was (and maybe still is) a jazz station in Los Angeles that called itself The Quiet Storm. Sort of easy listening jazz blended with smooth R&B.

Well, last night I witnessed The Silent Storm. For and hour or more, lightning flashed over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains rising behind Taos. The thunder never made it to where I was in Tres Piedras, thirty miles away. If I hadn’t been tired I would’ve shot video of it. True artists don’t let something as minor as fatigue get in the way of their work. So I was just a member of the audience this time.


  1. OOH! The Quiet Storm! Whenever I was in Pasadena (maaannyy moons ago), I would put in a cassette tape in my portable and record each day for as long as the tape lasted until I flew back home. Listened to them at home in the mornings whilst I showered and dressed. Just like being there...sorta.

    Funny thing, someone broke into my car and out of a case of others, took only those!?!

    1. It was probably a jazz purist who didn't want you listening to what he considered crap.

    2. But they left the Kenny G!

      As I cannot play or sing or produce music, I cannot critique any music as 'bad'. Just not my taste. But I have wide and varied appetite in music and that keeps things interesting.

      What style/genre do you gravitate to?

    3. Though I have a wide variety, from classical, jazz, country, show tunes, hip-hop and blues, most of my stuff is good old classic rock.