Sunday, June 28, 2020

Decision time again

The section of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest east of Laramie provides a nice variety of boondocking spots. There’s a network of good roads running through grassland and forest. You can have wide open spaces or tuck up among the trees, on hilltops or in valleys. You can even be by water. Its formations are popular with rock climbers. And everyone else.

The yellow markers are my campsites

So, yeah, there are people around.  That makes it tricky finding a vacant spot. But not impossible. I’ve stayed at six different campsites during the week I’ve been here, satisfying my compulsion to move around.

Right now I’m debating with that compulsion.

“Dude, you’ve been here a week!” it says. “There are so many other places you could go! Why are you wasting time around here?”

“Uh, because it’s nice, there’s variety, it’s close to supplies. And I can be here another week before I’d have to move on.”

“But that would have you trying to find a new site during Independence Day weekend.”

“Yeah, there’s that.”

“So you should take off now—Wednesday at the latest—and get settled in somewhere else. Tomorrow would be better.”

“Yeah, but I like it here.”

“You can come back some other time.”

“Okay. I guess I’ll get out my research materials.”

“Good boy.”


  1. This campground near Del Rio Tx has me going through the same thoughts. The flu lockdown has me here nearly three months and I am not tired of it yet! Of course with area temps over 100F I do like the AC.

  2. You always find a better spot, if not right away, within a day. Move.