Sunday, June 21, 2020

Wait, I'm where?

My previous post was about a tiny town in very southern Colorado. Tonight I’m in Laramie. Blew right through most of Colorado.

I had a meager plan: drive to the top of Pike’s Peak. Then explore more of the area around there. But due to construction at the summit, this summer you can only drive part way up Pike’s Peak, then take a shuttle the rest of the way. That’s no fun. Being at the top of Pike’s Peak is not the same as driving the Rolling Steel Tent the whole damn way, like the world’s slowest hill climb racer.

Well what about the cog railroad to the top? It’s not the same as driving, but it’s more interesting than a bus. The train is not running this year.


The Front Range and all the nice areas in the mountains were very crowded anyway. It was a weekend, Fathers Day, the solstice, and all that. Ergh. I’ve been spoiled by sparsely populated areas. Well, screw it. Wyoming is rather empty. So here I am.


  1. Beartooth Pass a little north of Cody is some great scenery and curvy roads.

    1. So I hear.