Saturday, June 27, 2020

How to get a strong, unboosted, cell signal while boondocking

I’m currently camped in a National Forest, in the saddle of a ridge above Laramie. There are towers to the north and south of me. One or more of them are probably broadcast antennas, but at least two of them are cellular towers. One must be for Verizon and one is for whatever carrier my StraightTalk phone is linked to. Because, woo, I have strong signals! Or maybe I’m connected to towers down in the valley. But whatever the reason, still woo!


  1. Where I am doing my build there are several cell towers up on the roof. One of them is Verizon so my cell phone is super powered! No doubt my body might also be developing some strange powers of its own. Maybe someday my brain will reorganize itself and I will be able to communicate using Verizon without needing a phone or a data plan. I saw a guy standing on the sidewalk the other night holding conversations using a lot of hand gestures without a phone or even another person nearby. It was a long conversation, he was involved in it when I went into the store and when I came back out after shopping.

  2. You could put a hot dog on a wooden stake and align it between the towers and see if it cooks.

    Or you could make good use of all those bars of strength.

  3. Straight Talk! Love it! I bought a Galaxy S4 in May of 2015 from Walmart/Straight Talk (mine uses AT&T's system). After five years, I'm still awaiting problem #1. Seems S/T is looked down upon by some, but I can't see why.
    I wish you continued good health, Mr. C!