Monday, June 29, 2020

Off to the white stuff—on purpose

Yesterday was windy and wet, but the gambler (or fool) in me decided today was a good time to go where it was guaranteed colder and probably windier and wetter, perhaps even snowing: The Snowy Range, west of Laramie. The mountains got that name because it can snow there any time of the year. But I lucked out. It was a gorgeous day. Here’s evidence.

An example of why the campgrounds and picnic areas are still closed

Hey wait, it’s supposed to be summer


  1. If pictures were food I'd eat these.
    No mosquitos up there I'd guess, yet.
    Thanks for sharing Al. Itchy feet can smell.....places like this.

  2. "’s supposed to be summer" In the upper elevations? Not till August my friend. Then only for two weeks and there will still be ice on the water bucket every morning.

  3. I was going to say I bet Barney appreciated your photos but he beat me to it. (He's stuck in Texas.)