Monday, June 15, 2020

Good morning

There were only occasional smatterings of rain through the afternoon and evening. No lightning. I was good with that.

Three twenty-something guys stopped by not long before sunset. They hoped I knew where a certain trail was. Sorry, no. This is my first time here. They drove on, disappointed.

I considered repositioning the Rolling Steel Tent to face into the prevailing wind, in case the weather got wild at night. Contentment won the debate, the van stayed put, and the wind was mild.

Expecting a chilly night at 9,000 feet, I went to bed fully clothed, as if it were January at sea level. I woke up at 2:32, discovered I was too warm, and stripped down. Sure beats needing to add layers.

The sun rose through the remnants of the weather front. I put my clothes back on and grabbed the camera.


  1. Thanks for the vr outing treat. You picked the perfect spot. What's for breakfast? What cha gonna have for lunch? Have you seen any critters up there? One long hike today or hike - nap - hike?

    1. Several groups of deer, some chipmunks. No real hike, just some exploring of the immediate area.

  2. You picked the perfect spot. Have you seen any critters there? What was for breakfast ? What is for lunch/supper/dinner? Was it a long hike today or hike - nap - hike? That view would make most anything taste better. Ya gotta have a hot cupa sumthin to say hello/g'nite to the sun, right?