Sunday, June 28, 2020

Suffering for my art

I was in the midst of capturing the setting sun on distant hills when I realized I was being swarmed by some kind of mosquito-ish things. Rather than run for the Rolling Steel Tent and my Raid Flying Insect Spray, I stayed and got the photo I wanted.

Today the bites are making themselves known. Three on my head, two on my neck, two on each forearm, one on my right hand. Ergh.


  1. Got any oral benadryl or other antihistamine on hand? That'll calm down the erythema and wicked itching.

    1. I have Benadryl, but the itching isn't that bad. Yet.

  2. Sand flies, nats,no serums, my grandson and I still have horrible itchy remnants of malibu no serums. Find out from locals what they are, treat them accordingly. Good luck Al.

  3. I always travel with a tube of cortisone cream. But you can get benadryl that has cortisone in the ointment so an even better, one does it all combo cream for itchy bites and toxic plant juice too.