Friday, August 21, 2020

Another lake loop

I’m developing a routine. It works like this: Go for a sunrise hike, when there are few people. Afterward I drive to another trailhead—that’s now crowded—to scout the next day’s hike.

Case in point, yesterday I went to Convict Lake to see what was up. Nowhere left to park, but I found the trailhead and got a feel for the place. This morning I arrived there shortly after sunrise. Plenty of parking, and it was just me and some anglers as I hiked the loop around the lake.

About half way along, I detoured down a game trail that led to others at the base of the mountains. No anglers there, just me and some deer. A boulder provided a perfect spot to sit and be in blissful peace. Or peaceful bliss. Whichever. It was great.

Just like the day before, crowds had filled the parking lots and day use areas by the time I got back. But I was leaving, so no sweat. From there I drove to the trailhead at the end of Rock Creek Road. Trails from there enter the John Muir Wilderness and connect with the Pacific Crest Trail, so it was totally packed at noon. I also checked out the trailhead at the end of McGee Creek Road. It was also full, but I loved the way the mountains rose dramatically around me, so I’ll be back. Early in the morning. Probably after the weekend.


  1. Real men explore the Bob Marshall wilderness; areas not trampled by man. Makes your favorite spot a city dump.My 7th grade tree hugging teacher invited all the boys to go. I think he said 40 bucks for vittles and such, My mom said no the same one who denied me a car in high school. I had 5 grand. Double Bummer.