Thursday, August 20, 2020


After poking around Mary and Mamie lakes in the mountains above Mammoth, I moved the Rolling Steel Tent to a more solar-friendly parking spot about a quarter mile down the road, at Horseshoe Lake. There was a collection of day hikers, mountainbikers, beach people, paddleboarders and some old farts like me just wandering around.

Several trails lead out from the parking lot. Most go farther up into the mountains. Since I just wanted to stretch my legs, not hump my way uphill, I decided to take the trail circling the lake.

It was a nice two mile walk through the forest. Just poking along, taking photos, exploring small side trails—one of which led me to a guy teaching his little girls how to rock climb. Harnesses, ropes, hand chalk, the whole thing. The family that climbs together, um……… climbs together, I guess.

The parking lot was packed by the time I returned, a sign it was time to retreat to my boondocking spot.


  1. Apparently, I'm feeling philosophical which happens occasionally. That last picture said "marriage" to me. The roots are growing in the same soil yet the trunk is two separate pieces that wind around each other in mutual support.

  2. Raised in Bishop graduated from BUHS in ‘63 😳! We used to go to Horseshoe Lake as kids and ski at Mammoth Mountain. Gods Country!!
    Pat/Central Texas

  3. I like to call it circumambulation ♨