Thursday, August 6, 2020

Well, that didn't last long

The Rolling Steel Tent was finished. I paid and loaded my bag into the back. WOOT! Home at last!

I turned onto the street and… The power steering stopped working and the brakes (which are boosted by the power steering pump) almost ceased to work. I limped and struggled around the block and back to the shop.

The perplexed mechanic confirmed the system that had worked minutes before didn’t work now. “We must’ve gotten a bad pump.”


So now I’m awaiting a new pump—a different brand from a different parts distributor. It should be here soon and they say they’ll have me out of here by close of business today.

At least the part crapped out immediately instead of somewhere down the road. Or off of it. Fingers crossed the new one won’t crap out at all.


  1. At least the shop was honest about it. ( so far)

  2. Replies
    1. The shop has some sort of affiliation with NAPA, so I'm guessing the first pump was through them.

  3. The best of bad news is not actually good news. I hope they did get you back out today and that it is actually fixed this time.

  4. GP was founded by bootleggers. It has always been a weird place. One visit is enough.