Monday, August 10, 2020

One morning, two shops

 It’s Monday and the automotive folks are back at work. So I was off bright and early to get some minor stuff done.

First up, tire rotation

Then down the street for a change of automatic transmission fluid

I could’ve had these things done while the power steering was being repaired, but I was suffering too much from sticker shock and had them do just the immediate and essential things.


  1. I got a surprise with my 2014 GMC when I checked the manual for when the transmission fluid is scheduled to be changed. First change is at 150,000 miles. I have 91000 right now. I was used to around 75000 on previous vehicles. So I have a couple more years to wait.

  2. It would be fun to have the funds to buy used new or new used and follow the manufactures maintenance recommendations to a T and see how many miles a vehicle would get 300k,400,500?

  3. Not sure, but in that 2nd photo, it looks like one or more of the bulbs on the right side of your 3rd (up-high) brake lights need replacing.

    P.S. Just curious... What's the round red (brake?) light for down on the bumper?

    1. I think the standard lights are a little high and out of some people's line of sight, so just to be safe (and different) I added the low light. Yeah, I need to replace that other bulb. Thanks for spotting it.