Sunday, August 23, 2020

Yet another lake loop

At first I was just going to leave camp and hang out for the day somewhere with a nice view and fewer trees blocking the sun. I found such a place, but after about a half hour I got antsy. I wanted to hike. A little.

There’s a family-friendly half-mile trail from the Horseshoe Lake parking lot to McCloud Lake. Easy, but uphill. Enough uphill to have me thinking, “Crap, it’s uphill all the way.” And just enough uphill to make me feel like I had accomplished something. Sort of a Goldilocks hike. Just right.

Upon arriving at McCloud Lake, you have the choice of continuing on trails that go farther uphill and over passes, or you can walk the loop, which is about another half mile. Guess which I chose.


  1. Nice place for looking around and taking pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These lakes will be walked by me to recover from 6 months of cancer crypyonite. Lost 50 lbs, like you, it will take time to get any distance. Thanks for the detail of the trails Al, I'll follow your footsteps.