Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gettin' all faux-impressionist on ya

I'm staying with my eldest sister's family in the small town of Oakley, Utah. Their neighbors have horses, mules and cattle. My brother-in-law loves to work in his vegetable garden and tend to his fruit trees.

I woke up unusually early (for me) and saw it was a good time to take some pictures. And it seemed like a good idea to apply Photoshop's paint daubs filter. Arty time.


  1. Al what lovely pictures. I hope that you enjoy your time there. The location is beautiful.

  2. These are frame worthy. I particularly like the one with the tractor, and the horses, and the fruit trees and the wood pile.

  3. Very purty, all arty. I agree with Grandma Cebe - frame-worthy indeed.